The Startup Behind the New Online Bitcoin-Powered Marketplace


OpenBazaar, the startup behind the popular bitcoin-powered marketplace, has officially released version 2.0.

Initially launched in 2014, the software update marks a monumental milestone for startup OB1, which coins its product as a decentralized eBay or Shopify for cryptocurrency fans. With its fresh new design prioritizing the user experience, OB1 has high hopes for its reinvigorated

CEO Brian Hoffman stated: “We found very quickly that doing things in a decentralized fashion is not always super intuitive for people. You have to design around it. You have to make it really really good.”

In September, the company had released a beta update that still required a few bug fixes. By contrast, version 2.0 has since be refined to handle real trades.

Let’s dive a little deeper into the design itself.

The most noticeable feature on version 2.0 is its smoother design and workflow. Second, the updated search is backed by three different search engines. Installation is also easier than it was, through integration with the Onion Router and the Interplanetary File System, offering stronger privacy to store owners and shoppers.

In the future, OB1 looks forward to developing the mobile and web versions of the product, as well as allowing its users to use cryptocurrencies aside from bitcoin.

Nonetheless, OB1 remains steadfast on its focus to provide usability, not technology. In other words, Hoffman argues that “OpenBazaar is a simple way to get a store up and running that accepts bitcoin. For consumers, they can find things on OpenBazaar that aren’t available anywhere else.”

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