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Love Island: Disabled Essex contestant hopes to raise awareness

Mr Hall admitted that life after his accident was challenging due to the pain and the mean comments and stares he would get from other children, but he has learned to adapt and turn it into a positive.

“I try and use it to my advantage, it’s a great conversation starter, I’ve got two different coloured eyes,” he said.

“One might look a bit funny and a bit cloudy but that’s part and parcel of what life throws at you.

“When dealing with comments and things like that, I’ve got thick skin, I’ve learned to deal with that.”

He added that he feels his ability to deal with confrontation will serve him well in the villa and said he would “one million per cent” call out poor or disrespectful behaviour.

Last summer, Love Island had its first deaf contestant, Tasha Ghouri, from Yorkshire, who finished fourth in the final with Andrew Le Page from Guernsey.

The upcoming series is the show’s first winter version since the beginning of the pandemic and starts on 16 January.

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