Ethereum’s Swarm Moves On To Third Proof of Concept

Ethereum's Swarm

Announced today at Devcon3, Ethereum’s Swarm, a decentralized storage branch on the ethereum network, revealed their plan to move on to their third proof-of-concept stage.

Victor Tron, Swarm’s lead developer, spoke at the conference today and announced the proof-of-concept is completely compatible with Geth and Whisper, the project’s messaging protocol. This accomplishment for Swarm brings ethereum closer to its “holy trinity” in which three systems create a complete alternative to the internet.

Tron highlighted that their work aligns with the wider concept of ethereum. Their goal is for the users of the platform to be able to store its content and create/share folders with one another, similar to that of the google drive.

This third stage is also testing a new privacy layer, in which their lead developer states it will keep ethereum invulnerable to impulses of authorities.

The proof-of-concept is testing also a brand new privacy layer, which Tron said is key to keeping ethereum resistant to the whims of authorities.

Tron told CoinDesk in an interview, “If you operate it on Swarm, there’s no way for a jurisdiction to take that down because it’s this obfuscation method. Nodes can plausibly deny that they have the content. This is a very important feature because it’s censorship-resistant basically.”

The hottest topic surrounding Devcon3 is scalability and Tron’s newest proof-of-concept will test what happens when ethereum’s network when it grows to tens of thousands of nodes.

Swarm’s newest version is set to launch sometime after the conference.

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