Blockchain Software Maker AlphaPoint to Create New Public Network

Blockchain Software Maker AlphaPoint

On Tuesday, AlphaPoint, a Blockchain software maker, announced that it will create a new public network that is targeted at the digitization of non-digital assets.

In a new initiative from AlphaPoint, which, up until this point, has focused primarily on developing white-label products for exchanges. More recently, however, AlphaPoint – dubbed the AlphaPoint Public Network – has explored organizers of initial coin offerings.

With the development of the new network, AlphaPoint is looking for ideas on how to develop and exchange digital versions of palpable assets. According to the Blockchain software maker, there will be a public sale with the network’s associated token in early 2018.

The APN will be constructed by Intel’s Software Guard Extensions. This shouldn’t come as a surprise considering AlphaPoint announced last month that it was working with the company on a security-focused asset solution.

Tuesday’s announcement comes amid AlphaPoint naming a new chief executive. The company has appointed Salil Donde, who previously served as an executive VP for Nasdaq’s Global Information Services.

Here’s what Donde had to say about his new company:

“The primary mission of AlphaPoint is to enable our customers to digitize real-world assets and launch new markets. The proceeds from the planned sale to accredited investors will allow AlphaPoint to build a new public blockchain network that delivers on this mission at a new scale.”

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