Blockchain Meets The Skies, Air New Zealand Initiates Partnership

Air New Zealand

A new partnership with Air New Zealand and blockchain platform Winding Tree was announced yesterday. It is aimed primarily at using the blockchain to ramp up efficiency in many of the different aspects of air travel. They are looking to bring smoothness to cargo, baggage tracking, ticket distribution, sales, and loyalty program opportunities.

Winding Tree is a decentralized platform built on the ethereum blockchain and its aim is centered around building the first middle-man free marketplace that connects airlines and hotels directly to sellers. Initial Coin Offerings have become the new way these blockchain startups raise funds quickly and Air New Zealand announced it is investing in their token sale for an undisclosed amount.

Winding Tree’s CEO, Maksim Izmaylov, had an interview with CoinTelegraph and told them:

“The Air New Zealand partnership is a great step forward for the Winding Tree Platform. Air New Zealand is one of the few airlines with most of its technology built in-house, this allows us to work on implementation across the distribution chain directly with them.”

According to both parties, they are believing they will benefit greatly from the partnership. While the blockchain offers efficiency, Air New Zealand’s in-house infrastructure is of great use to Winding Tree to bring it more into the broader perspective of implementing the tech abroad.

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