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6 incredible video moments from 2022


A close call with a great white shark. A groom’s proposal goes overboard. A seven-year-old acquires a taste for wine. These are the best video moments of 2022:

Great white shark attack Shark Week

Stunning video shows diver’s close call with massive great white shark

Discovery’s “Shark Week” director discusses footage his team captured of a great white shark destroying a diver’s enclosure.

Girl chugs wine communion moos vpx

See priest’s reaction when 7-year-old chugs first communion wine

A 7-year-old cracked up her congregation after opting to chug the wine given to her by the priest at her first communion.


Gorilla’s sliding entrance stuns zoo visitors and goes viral

A gorilla’s dramatic entrance delights zoo visitors and made him a viral sensation on TikTok.

HI Wedding Wave

Watch massive waves wipe out wedding in Hawaii


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Massive waves crashed a wedding and sent guests running for cover in Kailua-Kona, Hawaii.

pigs fight black bear that jumped in pen Connecticut orig jc_00000000.png

‘I’m still in shock’: Woman stunned by pig pen surveillance video

A curious black bear in Connecticut got more than it bargained for after climbing into a pig pen “guarded” by Hamlet and Mary.

Engagement Fail 1

Man plunges into the ocean as proposal attempt goes terribly wrong

A man ends up in the ocean as his proposal attempt goes terribly wrong.

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